Chef Jason Roberts

Talking Turkey About Holiday Leftovers

Chef Jason

G’Day All,

Since we are in the midst of the fall/winter season and with the holidays coming, I thought I’d start this post talking turkey about holiday leftovers.

Look, sometimes having the entire family over for Thanksgiving or Christmas can be overwhelming. The prep, cost, cooking and of course, the added stress of having to deal with the family (just kidding!). All can be pretty exhausting and the last thing we sometimes tend to think about is the leftovers. Personally, I love the leftovers the next day better than the actual meal. This week I’d like to give you some tips to make the day and week-after less stressful, yet still allow you to make the most of all those leftovers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good leftover turkey sandwich and soup just as much as anyone else, but there are some really creative ways to enhance all those great ingredients by thinking a little outside the box. Crepes, pastas, salads, breads and puddings are all empty palettes that can lend themselves to the great seasonal ingredients we have on hand in the fridge.

After stuffing ourselves into a tryptophan stupor trying to deal with Aunt Mary for the rest of the weekend, the day after it’s time to get back to portion control and thinking about healthy eating. Let’s face it, with the cost of feeding our families in today’s economy, we want to get the most out of our dollar, and sometimes making sure we use all those ingredients to their fullest can be challenging.

With some of my leftover recipes, you’ll have some great alternatives to help you wow your family and guests with simple, delicious dishes. I have a great turkey, cheese, cranberry and arugula crepe that is basically a lighter version of the traditional turkey sandwich. Next an American comfort food classic, turkey-chestnut mac-n-cheese, and for dessert, delicious caramelized gingerbread with glazed apples and mascarpone. And for all my gluten-free friends, a wonderful creamy rice pudding with orange and buttered almonds. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy!