Chef Jason Roberts

Put Your $$$ Where My Pedal is... for No Kid Hungry!

Chef Jason

Hey kids, miss me?

Wow! It’s been some time since I’ve posted a blog…….my bad!

It’s good to be back in front of the keyboard, well actually, that’s not entirely true. I have been in front of the keyboard every day cranking out recipes for my new cookbook, due for release in November of this year, which I am most excited about! With the book, travel, shows, possible new restaurant opportunities and getting set for my upcoming No Kid Hungry ride from NYC to D. C., things as you can imagine, have gotten quite hectic in the land of Chef Jason Roberts.

 I had a great time at the Amway, “Diamond Club” Conference in Kona, Hawaii! I think its now my new favorite destination. Loved the blackened volcanic land form, the beaches, the waterfalls, the food, the people etc.. They all reminded me a lot of New Zealand… ahhhhhh home!!! Always great to catch up with my Amway family and hear the wonderful success stories from folks all over the globe who are using BodyKey and how it has changed their lives, their belt sizes and their attitude for living an optimal lifestyle.

Outside of that, my next big Calendar event though, is my Ride for No Kid Hungry. Heading out from NYC on a mammoth 3-day ride to Washington, DC in late May and I will definitely be asking for your support and love. I’m so grateful and blessed to be working with such a great team. Deb Shore and all the wonderful folks at No Kid Hungry are working so hard behind the scenes to help make this happen. Though I will be doing the ride, the logistics, and team behind me are truly making this dream of mine a reality. They have set up a seamless, easy system for you to help me raise needed dollars for our most treasured resource; Our Children. This is the pilot ride for the Chef’s Ride Across America for No kid Hungry in spring/summer 2015, so I need your help in two ways:

First, I need you to help me get the message out. I need your retweets, your shares, your reposts your referrals, your word of mouth. The louder our message for this ride, the better our chances for success are on the big ride in 2015.

Secondly, I need your collection efforts and most importantly, your dollars.

“PUT YOUR $$$$$ WHERE MY PEDAL IS” and help me feed the kids!

More than 16 million kids in America struggle with hunger. I am raising vital funds and awareness through the 1st Annual Chefs on Bikes ride, May 30-June 1, to make sure kids have access to food where they live, learn and play. As I plan to ride from New York City to Washington, DC, I am asking you to pledge $1 for every mile I ride – nearly 300 miles! Every $1 you donate can help connect a child with up to 10 meals. Help me make No Kid Hungry a reality. Donate here.

This really is a plea case, as I was taught to never put my hand out nor ask for something, unless offered, but this cause is not about me. These children deserve better than they are getting, so I will NOT hesitate to ask for your help and kindness. When I see the long term effects of children being undernourished and not being given a fighting chance to reach their full potential, it doesn’t just sadden me or break my heart, it makes me want to stand up and fight for them! This could be our next-door neighbors children, your children, my children.  You just never know, so we can’t leave it to chance. What we do now, matters in the years to come for all children.

If you are a chef or someone in the hospitality field send an email via the Contact Page if you would like info on how you can participate and someone will get back in touch with you. I’m looking for chefs in NYC, NJ, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Lastly folks, we need every dollar, so I’m asking you all to dig deep, then a little deeper for No Kid Hungry and help us in the fight to eradicate childhood hunger in our lifetime by donating to this worthy cause. I’m doing what I can by riding.  Please do what you can by volunteering, participating or donating.

Together we can make sure we leave NO KID HUNGRY!