Chef Jason Roberts

Kiwi by Birth, Aussie by Heart... The Race Between Nations for Charity

Chef Jason

G’day Kids,

I guess you would have to walk a mile in my shoes to really understand what it’s like to be part of something as unique as the ANZA Challenge. This would have to be one of the most inspiring and humbling challenges I have ever put my hand up for.

I am huge supporter of the McGrath Foundation and their efforts to place nurses around the country in support of women and their families who have been affected by breast cancer. One in three women is likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, with the remaining two knowing someone who has it. We are all affected by breast cancer.

The ANZA Challenge is a great way to call attention to this very important cause. When offered the opportunity to participate in the event, it wouldn’t have mattered what was involved, I would have put my hand up to raise funds and awareness. I will say I was pleased, and it’s a bonus that part of the challenge involves cycling, because being on my bike on the road is my special place!

Being offered the opportunity to slip into the Green and Gold for this race is definitely a bucket list opportunity. Regardless of my birth place, or the fact that I still hold a NZ passport and secretly go for the All Blacks (NZ Rugby Team), I am here to raise money and awareness for the McGrath Foundation and all the wonderful work they do. I don’t mind what color I am wearing, the Green and Gold or Black, because I am here to support the Pink and Purple of the McGrath Foundation and LifeStart. We are all here because we want to make a difference and we’ve all in one way, shape or form, been touched by issues these charities support and embrace.

Many of you know I have been on a personal journey to change my mind and body. Putting my hand up to accept the ANZA Challenge was not just about jumping on board with these amazing charities, but another way to make my personal journey more accountable. I started to train harder, really taking this opportunity seriously. Now, I am competitive by nature and the challenge is really helping me push my boundaries. Changing my eating plan was key, supplementation through Bodkey by Nutrilite has really helped change my body’s composition. By going gluten-free, and with increased exercise, I turned fat into fat burning muscle. To do what I do well, I need the right fuel, there is no room for junk meals. I’m very excited about this competition and even more excited about bumping shoulders with some incredible Australian and New Zealand athletes. Don’t forget, “I’m just a cook.”

I was born in Oamaru, south island of New Zealand, so fundamentally I am a a Kiwi, I still hold a NZ passport. I currently live in America and I’ve lived between Australia and NZ most of my life. To be honest, I feel more like a nomad and a citizen of the world versus an Australian or New Zealander. One of the great experiences of being back in Sydney is the additional time with my son. It has been fun doing pre-competition training and having Hunter with me. He pushes me. He is my secret weapon. I’m looking forward to having him run with me in the final day of the challenge.

So what is the challenge?

It’s a 1,300km race around New Zealand between two of the world's greatest sporting rivals. A relationship forged on the battlefields of Europe, two young nations fought side-by-side. On the sports field is where we go to battle these days.

Two celebrity teams representing Australia and New Zealand are going to run, row, cycle and sail their way 1,300km around New Zealand. For 5 days they will fight for their country. On day 6 they will be joined by thousands of their fellow countrymen as they cover the final 5km (11-18 years old only) and 10km of the journey on foot to the finish. All participants will be chip timed and kitted out in their national colors by Puma. All their timed efforts will be collated and averaged to get a “national” time for the distance. The country with the fastest time wins The ANZA Challenge.

About McGrath Foundation

A story well known in Australia, Jane and Glenn McGrath’s experience with breast cancer led to the formation of what has become one of Australia’s most respected and recognized charities. Today the McGrath Foundation is considered to be one of Australia’s leading breast cancer support organizations, with over 20,000 Australian families supported by their 85 McGrath Breast Care Nurses nationally in the last 4 years.

I need your support! As you all know, I’m in Sydney with Hunter and while this should be great fun, we can’t forget why we’re all here competing. This link, my Anzac Profiles Page is to my fundraising page. My goal is to raise $2,000 to help them continue this work. Join me today and let’s change lives. Be a hero too, by making a donation. It’s as simple as clicking the Donate To Me button. (All donations over $5 are tax-deductible) So I’m asking kids, please step up, help me make a difference and give what you can. No donation is too small, because every dollar counts!

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

Thanks for your support!