Chef Jason Roberts

Being in the Moment

Chef Jason

G’day Kids,

I’m back in Sydney after some extensive traveling, first to spend time with my son Hunter, then I was over to my birth place, New Zealand, to compete in the ANZA Challenge. I arrived back here in the States, hit Dallas and Washington, DC, for the Metro Cooking Shows, Cleveland for the Fabulous Food Show, Grand Rapids for photo shoots then on to Miami for Amway ‘s Achievers conference...then back to Sydney. Full circle. And that’s just in the last three months!

It’s been a busy year wrapping up shoots for The Chew, and doing shows and appearances around the country. In these few moments between trips, I have had the chance to look back on this last year and reflect on how blessed I am. I’ve undergone a transformation, both mind and body and my new gluten-free outlook and lifestyle, combined with my brand ambassador efforts have really made such positive impacts on my life.

I believe that when you live a balanced, positive and healthy lifestyle, good things usually happen. I’m currently working on a number of projects surrounded by some really great people, and I find that my lifestyle choices have fueled me with a passion and energy I haven’t felt in a long while. I can’t remember being more focused, or clearer on the things I need and want in my life. I’ve worked with some great chefs and professionals this year and love doing what I do. I am very excited about the next phase of Bodykey by Nutrilite and love that the system keeps us all accountable. I receive such inspiration in hearing back from all of you and it keeps me motivated to push myself and maintain my overall health. When I decided to do the upcoming bicycle rides in 2014-2015 for No Kid Hungry, I was grateful for the success and motivation I’ve received this past year from doing the BodyKey challenge with all of you.

As I mentioned above, I’m working on an amazing Chef’s Ride Across America for No Kid Hungry with the wonderful people at Share Our Strength, including founders Billy and Debbie Shore. It’s a very exciting project and I’ll need your support, so stay tuned for more as we get the details sorted. I’ll be doing a preliminary ride from NYC to DC this spring, with the big cross-country ride scheduled for spring 2015. I am truly blessed to be able to work with such a worthwhile organization. If that weren't enough, I’m also currently working on a cookbook, which should be out sometime in 2014. I can’t wait to share all my great, delicious, healthy, easy-to-make meals with you.

For some time now I’ve been wanting to get back into the kitchen and sink my teeth into the culinary scene here in America. With fingers crossed, I’ll have some news for you soon about possible restaurant opportunities that have crossed my path. This all ties into what I’ve been talking a lot about lately, which is the Lost Art of the Chef, both in my last blog post here, and online through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I feel it’s time to get back to basics with my life and as an extension, my cooking and getting back into the kitchen. It’s about giving back. To the art. To the food. To you, the patrons and fans. The lost art of the chef is about the pride I have in my upbringing of classical French technique where food is executed via a traditional Brigade. The attention to time honored traditions and systems, set by the classic French kitchen, along with the lessons on character and living with purpose I received from my mentor, Damien Pignolet, resonate through all aspects of my life and character.

Throughout all the endeavors I’m pursuing, I am most pleased that you have all decided to come along on my adventures with me. Food, the family meal, dining, on it’s most basic level, is about social interaction; that wonderful give and take between humans. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you, from bringing you my recipes, to cooking my food for you, to whatever adventures come along. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Through it all, I have been fortunate to have not missed the special moments. Sometimes it can get hectic and we can miss the special times and moments that occur in our lives. From training in Australia with my son Hunter, to testifying on Capitol Hill in the fight to end childhood hunger with Share Our Strength and No Kid Hungry, to being on stage with the incredible Ms. Martha Stewart, to meeting many of you personally at the various shows around the country--it’s been an awesome year full of great people and interesting opportunities. I look forward to sharing 2014 with you.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday, a Merry Christmas, and Happy & Healthy New Year!