Chef Jason Roberts

A Random Act of Kindness

Chef Jason

Last night I had a dream that I found a handful of $100 bills! And today I actually found a $1 bill on the side of the road. What should I do with it? How can I make a difference?!

I started my day the next morning with my usual routine working out. On my way back home, I found a dollar. Just a crumpled up dollar bill and I laughed to myself, thinking, "Well, it’s not $100 but I did find money, so my dream came true."

Then I got to thinking that I would give this to someone who needed it. But it was only a dollar. What if I could find a way to stretch it? And then together, we could make a difference. Keep it going. Then give to someone in need! I’d make it grow by telling people of my fortune and sharing the blessing to give more than a dollar, in hopes that someone would give another dollar. So I'm on a mission for $100 bills and 100s of handshakes! I had no idea what it would become and how generous people could be.

As I told one person after another, handshake after handshake, the donations went from $1, to a few dollars, to $5s, $10s and $20s. Then an angel named Brian bought the original dollar for $100! Wow, this had taken on a life of its own, and the coolest part about it was that the personal interaction that I was having with people. I also realized that all you have to do is ask. Most people will step up to help and some are just waiting for a chance to make a difference. Midway through I talked to the team about how cool this was and how it was growing. It was decided that we would donate any money I collected to help the families of the shooting victims in the Connecticut tragedy. From there it really took off. To date I have collected over $1,200 from that single dollar bill by simply telling the story. Kinda makes you feel good.

I returned back to Sydney to spend the holidays with my family and wanted to see if I could stretch that $1 all the way to OZ in hopes my fellow Aussies would step up for a good cause and get involved with my Giving Hands campaign--and they did not let me down.

My next step is to take this to you, my friends and fans, to help raise the Giving Hands initiative to the next level. As we here at Team JR work out the details, we’ll keep you informed. In the meantime, reach out to someone you know in need. It could be a smile, meal, kind word or just an ear to listen. But you’ll be surprised how a simple random act of kindness can make such a difference in the lives of those around you. And in your life too!